Linksys Velop demand is increasing day by day as the demand for numerous streaming media and smart home devices. In order to provide good wifi coverage all over your place, people use advanced wireless router and extenders. They work fine but for medium size place and offices. In case your place or office is big then you need more than wifi extender. The Linksys Velop is a high-performing modular Wi‑Fi mesh system that provides high coverage and connectivity. All you have to is set up your Linksys Velop and enjoy high-speed internet and connectivity. In this guide, we will learn about Linksys Velop setup .before that you have to download Linksys app from Playstore or app store

Simple steps for Linksys Velop setup

Download your Linksys Velop app and install it in your smartphone

Launch The app and generate Linksys smart wifi account it will help you to make changes Velop system setting anywhere

With the help of ethernet cable connect one end with Velop ethernet port and another end with the internet modem

Turn on the device and your primary node with start blinking blue light

When the light is blue that means the node is turned on and working

Setting up primarily node with Linksys Velop app

Open your Linksys app and select Velop system

The app will ask users to access the location on the device or it will use your mobile Bluetooth to configure with system

Agree to the term and condition

Select Linksys Velop when asked for the type of devices

 Plugin the primary node and select the option already plugged in

using ethernet cable connects the primary node to modem

Wait for led light turns purple

 Now the user has to create an account by entering address and password

Login to Linksys Velop dashboard

Now enter the network and password and click on next

 You can name your primary node and if you wish to add further nodes you can do that also

  These steps are very easy to perform and in case you have any issue in Linksys Velop Setup then don’t worry we are available for your help.In order to do Linksys Velop setup with the router, you will need the Linksys Velop package. you can connect three-node or one Velop mesh. Things that you need do Linksys Velop setup with the router is your router Modem and router and nodes Velop mesh consists of the main router that is connected to the modem and  multiple nodes placed all over the house to get full coverage

Steps for Linksys Velop login

 Connect your computer or laptop with the network

Open any web browser and in the address bar enter ‘’ and press enter

 By default, the username field has to be blanked but if you have changed the username then enter the new username

 Enter the ‘ password’ which is by default password

 Click on login

Steps to change Linksys velop admin password​

 Log in using cloud ID and click on Change Velop password

Enter your new password and click confirm

 Linksys velop connection problem

 If no internet connection is detected then there can be multiple reasons for that

 There might be interference between the nodes

 Less signal from the router 

 Third and most common is Linksys velop firmware update

Steps for Linksys Velop connection error​

 Make sure there is no interference between the nodes 

Place your router close to the nodes 

 Update the firmware pf the router

To Resolve any Linksys Velop Connection error user of Linksys Velop Can visit our website or they can contact our certified technicians anytime i.e. 24 X 7 to resolve any technical issues of my Linksys Velop.