Linksys Velop app

Linksys Provide their user very good connectivity and range so that there are no glitches while using the internet. In order to access the Linksys account or to make setup changes one can do it with the Linksys Velop app. You can use The velop app to manage and make changes in your network. All you have to do is Download Linksys Smart Wifi App and make a change to your Linksys Velop account. The Linksys velop app is the main hub for Linksys smart wifi router and Linksys velop system. This app is easy to use and you can check anywhere how many devices are connected to your device or update Linksys firmware.

How to download Linksys smart wifi app

 Open play store or app store on your smartphone 

On search bar enter Linksys smart wifi 

 Click on install on android device or get the option in IOS device

 Once the app is installed launch the app and create Linksys account

In case your wifi app is not able to find the router then you won’t be able to access the router. You have to set up your Linksys app with your Linksys network to make changes to your network.

Troubleshoot Linksys Smart Wi-fi App Not Finding the Router

Though the Linksys Smart Wi-fi App is very useful to control networking and settings of the wi-fi router. But Still, there are some technical glitches that have been occurred inside the app. One such glitch that is very common inside the app is that it is not able to find the router. To remove this type of glitch some troubleshooting steps have been discussed below. Before Proceeding to the troubleshooting steps connect the Linksys router to the smart wi-fi app after the setup process has been done.

 Make a connection in between the WLAN port of the Router and the modem by using an ethernet cable

Now Connect the wireless device to the router network. 

 Search the SSID name on the Wireless device of Linksys router and password will be available at the back of the panel

 Now the router’s network has been connected to the wireless device. Access the Smart wi-fi app and control the settings 

 Ensure that Wireless device should be connected to the Linksys network otherwise Smart wi-fi App will not be able to find the router.

So just follow these simple troubleshooting steps and you can easily find the router settings inside the smart wi-fi app. If still any issue persists or anyone has any query related to Linksys Velop App then get in touch with the professional experts. We have a certified team of technicians that will resolve any technical issue of Linksys router within a short time.